Sunday, August 14, 2011

Confession: I'm a material girl.

I like to buy things. I never really knew this about myself until I got married and we bought our own house and I got addicted to the thrill of filling it with pretty things. Now I've become one of those people who constantly stalks the post man because I'm looking forward to receiving my coveted "presents" in the mail. After admitting this about myself and to my husband I have decided to review the random things I buy. Why? Because every time I need/want something I look for reviews on them. Sadly, I can rarely find any information on the things I need so I take a chance and buy them hoping they fit/function well. I figure I can't possibly be the only person out there that needs a wireless remote for a Pentax K10D but doesn't know what after market device is compatible, And refuses to pay $40 for a Pentax brand one. I ended up finding the perfect remote after hours of searching for under $1 and it works wonderfully.
Over the past few years I have purchased everything from camera lens covers to vibrating cock rings from websites and local stores so I figure I'll have quite a bit to review. I also LOVE finding things on sale and will mention those as well.

*I would like to state that I may like to buy things, But I don't own a single credit card. I am in no way trying to promote living beyond your means by posting things that I purchase, and I work extremely hard and earn every cent that I spend. I've never (Since becoming an adult) paid a bill late and (before you start picturing me as one of "those people" on Hoarders) my house is clean and organized. ;)

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