Friday, November 5, 2010


I have absolutely no idea where it came from, But somehow we ended up being some crafty ladies!

Suzanne (Sorry Clementine) Wendy (Astucieux) Aimee (Flitryss)

Aimee: Aimee makes the most amazing headbands! She hand crafts them with insane amounts of detail!

This ones MINE!!! Muahaha ;) As you can see, Flitryss goes to great lengths to make Unique and Detailed "Art For Your Head" as she calls it. Her Etsy Shop is a little sparse right now, But that's because she is stock piling all of her creations for her Craft Sabbath debut this Sunday! If you live near SLC, We'll be there so come check it out!

Suzanne: She makes AMAZING handmade clothing and accessories! Anything from handbags, Headbands, to All types of RAD Clothing!

Suzanne has been making clothes since we were kids, and with 10+ years of experience, she really does take her unique clothing to the next level. And she inspires me on a daily basis. <3 She is Sorry Clementine (A cute play off of her name) She will also be at this Sundays Craft Sabbath! I will be running her booth since she is out of town.

Wendy: ME! Obviously if you are reading this, you know I make clothes ;)

I just wanted to express how neat I think it is that I share a love for crafting with my extremely talented sisters. Check out their creations, and show them some love!


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