Friday, November 5, 2010

Vintage Meets Hardcore

**Item Pictured has been sold**

A few nights ago really wanted to challenge myself. Some things are extremely easy for me to make, and that makes it not as much fun for me. I know exactly how the thing will turn out... Like its "Safe".
I decided that I wanted to make something completely new to me... And this was the result! I feel like it has a vintage feel to it, but the bodice fabric has guns/diamonds/broken hearts on it! This dress is definitely my favorite item to date! Its completely lined, and has a falling cowl neckline. For how complex this dress was to make, It looked slightly simple when I finally got it on Merideth (My mannequin) so I thought it needed to be paired with a high waisted belt... And I loved it! I'm going to start working on more obscure designs and see where it takes me ;)


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